Wednesday, September 12, 2007

IT Foundations

1. What is Legacy Card?
An older expansion board such as ISA.An ISA expansion board that did not have the Plug and Play capability built in. Up until 1995, all ISA cards were legacy cards.

2. What is Plug and Play?
The ability to add a new component to a system and have it works automatically without having to do any technical analysis or manual configuration.Also a standard from Intel for peripheral expansion on a PC. On starting up the computer, Plug and Play causes the necessary IRQ, DMA and I/O address settings for the attached peripheral devices to be configured automatically.

3. What is Driver?
A hardware device (typically a transistor) that provides signals or electrical current to activate a transmission line or display screen pixel. Also called a "device driver," it is a program routine that links the operating system to a peripheral device. Written by programmers who understand the peripheral hardware's command language and characteristics, the driver contains the precise machine language necessary to perform the functions requested by the application.

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